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There is a gender gap in innovation as young, bright female minds are underrepresented in the increasingly important fields of: science, technology, engineering, architecture and mathematics. In fact:

  • Women hold less than 27% of STEM jobs.
  • Women with STEM jobs earn 33% more than women in non-STEM jobs, however, for every $1.00 earned by a man in STEM, women in STEM earn only $0.86. 
  • Only 2 in 5 architecture students are women and only 1 in 4 working architectural designers in the US are women.
  • Just 3 in 20 licensed American Institute of Architects (AIA) members are women.

These basic statistics demonstrate the need to encourage and support young women pursuing the increasingly important STEAM disciplines.

As the community of women in the Dorman Honors College is strong and steadily increasing, we want to celebrate the Honors College 25th Anniversary by contributing to the growing development of ADHC alumni relations and philanthropy.

The Albert Dorman Honors College Women with STEAM program will allow alumnae of the Honors College to get involved with their alma mater by inspiring young women pursuing STEAM disciplines.

The program started in Fall 2015. For newly admitted female scholars, up to 10 scholarships of $1,000 each to female students pursuing a degree program in science, technology, engineering, architecture, design, or mathematics.  Selected scholars are assigned a STEAM coach and be are invited to attend the annual Women with STEAM Summit. Participating scholars will also be eligible for an incentive scholarship of $500 if they maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.70 or higher after the first year at NJIT, and are active members of WWS.


Successful Alumnae Supporting the Next Generation of STEAM Professionals. Please offer your support today!

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