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The high academic demands all students tackle in addition to student-athletes’ athletic demands can overwhelm them during times of mental, emotional, physical stress, or other situations that come along. The disruption caused by the pandemic has resulted in loss of routine, social connectivity, goal-oriented practices, and unsettling schedule of division competition. In a time when all student-athletes have faced coronavirus-related campus shutdowns, and season terminations or alterations, many of these students are struggling to cope and adapt.

The Highlander Student-Athlete Health and Wellness Fund was established as a direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic. This fund will establish initiatives that will support the student-athletes overall well-being. Some of the items currently in place and  supported by the program are COVID-19 testing, fueling stations for pre- and post-practices, and expanded sports psychology programs.

"This is an unprecedented time in college athletics, and now, more than ever we are dealing with so many issues both on and off the field," said NJIT Director of Athletics, Lenny Kaplan. "Through this program, all members of the Highlander Nation can continue to show their support for our teams by having a presence in the stands. Although we would love to have them in person and cheering, we have to do what is best for the entire community right now."

In sports, there can be a tendency to "play through the pain," or to refuse to show weakness. However, if a student-athlete suffers from a mental health crisis, it needs to be identified and addressed immediately. The programs noted above will certainly assist in identifying and dealing with these issues.

Please offer your support today to our student-athletes and let's continue to keep them healthy, safe and well!

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