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In honor of Dr. Joel Bloom’s 30-year tenure at NJIT, and his numerous achievements as President of the university since 2011, we seek to endow the Dr. Joel S. Bloom Presidential Scholars Program. This program will provide critical scholarship support for academically promising undergraduate students who demonstrate significant financial need and are enrolled in the Albert Dorman Honors College (ADHC), with a strong preference for those who are members of historically underrepresented groups and/or are residents of Newark. 

Enabling talented young people from disadvantaged backgrounds and historically underrepresented groups to study at NJIT has been a special focus for Dr. Bloom throughout his tenure as a senior administrator and especially during his years as President. He rightly takes great pride in the fact that NJIT continues to be an institution of higher education where hardworking and high-achieving students, regardless of their family’s financial situation, earn an education that prepares them for success and leadership in the real world. NJIT’s ranking as the number one university in the nation for enabling its students to achieve significant upward socioeconomic mobility, as featured in both Forbes (April 2018) and The New York Times (January 2017), underscores the role that the institution has long played for its students and alumni: NJIT is a gateway, a ladder, and a launching pad for talented young people who arrive at the university with exceptional potential and graduate prepared to excel, to contribute, and to lead. 

The transformative impact of an NJIT education explains Dr. Bloom’s extraordinary passion for – and his abundant success in – securing significant philanthropic support from alumni, friends, corporations, and foundations for scholarships throughout his NJIT tenure. During the NJIT NEXT campaign alone, he played a central role in helping the university establish 260+ new donor-funded scholarships.

The role that NJIT plays in facilitating upward mobility for its students and alumni likewise explains his championing of the university’s latest partnership with the City of Newark, which is designed to double the number of city residents who enroll as undergraduates at the university.

The Dr. Joel Bloom Presidential Scholars Program will not only honor and celebrate Dr. Bloom’s achievement-filled tenure, but will also sustain and deepen his legacy of supporting hardworking, high-achieving, and underserved students, especially those who hail from the city that NJIT has called its home since 1881.

Join in celebrating, and supporting the Dr. Joel S. Bloom Presidential Scholars Program.

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